Christmas Box- Harvest Christmas Package

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Christmas is the time of the year to share, relaxed and have tons of fun.

Harvest is your perfect solution for your party.

This year, we had created new and exciting dishes for you to share with your guests.

Roasted Whole Lamb Leg
- While some may say turkey is the most overated item in Christmas Feast. Our Roast Lamb is the real deal. Served with Yummy Wholemeal Wrap and Salad.

Korean Fried Chicken
- Choice of Yangneyom (Spicy) or Ganjang (Soy). Or simply both.


To top it off, we offer free carving of turkeys this Christmas!

Order Now to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with Harvest!

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Note: The Disposable package are served in disposable trays.










Fiery Buffalo Wings

the Nagano Premium Bento

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